Wednesday, May 6, 2015

An Open Letter To My Mother


Dear Momma B,
I love you more than you know. You make me smile when no one else can. You offer wisdom, strength, and love unconditionally. You are a great mother and grandmother. I can still remember you rocking me in your recliner when I was upset as a little girl. Your snuggly hugs were always so comforting. I miss them greatly now that we are thousands of miles apart.
You are my confidant and my best friend. I can share my thoughts and feelings openly with you without any fear of recourse. You are my biggest fan and my cheerleader. I have so many heartfelt childhood memories of us huddled in the kitchen cooking together, picking and planting flowers in your garden, and going to the movies and eating monster cookies. And who can forget our mother/daughter road trips. Feeding alligators in Louisiana; strolling the beaches all around the Gulf; shopping in New Orleans; and visiting every zoo, museum, and aquarium in the South. We have had so many fun times!
And we have had to support each other through bad times too. Hardship, illness, death- life has kicked us in the teeth more than a few times. But we've always pulled through. You are my rock, my heart.
Now that I have a son of my own, I appreciate you even more. You put so much time and effort into raising us, making us happy, and keeping us healthy. I can only hope to be half as good a mother as you have been to me. Hugs!
Love you bunches,
Baby B

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