Monday, May 18, 2015

Easy Can Up-cycle!

This is easy can up-cycle that even the youngest toddler can achieve. And the best part is that you probably have all the items you need laying around the house. My son had a ball doing this and he was very proud of his finished product. He even insisted that I put his prized toy front loader in the picture with it.
For this craft you will need:
an empty, clean metal can
an old sock (white or lighter color)
liquid food coloring
Place can into sock until the top of the can is even with the top of the sock. Cut off sock below the bottom of the can. Have your child take the food coloring and drip dots and make designs all around the outside of the sock while it's still on the can. Once your child has finished with their design, remove sock and rinse under cold water. Note that the colors and design will bleed, becoming abstract. Wring out excess water and hang to dry. When dry, place sock back on can and fold under the loose sock end and tape in place on the inside.
I am using our can to hold pens on my desk. These would look great in multiples for a craft room or office. This would also be a great and inexpensive gift for Dad this upcoming Father's Day.