Sunday, April 19, 2015

3 Ointments Every Mom Must Have!

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Every mom should have these 3 ointments in their medicine cabinet! Tried-and-true, cheap, and effective, they can be used in a myriad of different ways.

Vitamin A&D ointment
A must-have for diaper rash and other skin rashes! I tried several of those (pediatrician recommended) zinc oxide butt pastes for diaper rash shortly after my son was born. They only made things worse in my son's case. So I went back to the original 'tried-and-true' A&D ointment for treating all of his diaper rashes. It works like a charm! And I see results the next day after application. I also use it for heat rash as well. A must-have for parents of little ones with sensitive skin!

Antibiotic ointment
Have a boo-boo? Then you definitely need to have antibiotic ointment on hand. It helps heal the wound faster and helps kill all those yucky germs that could cause an infection. At my house, our go-to antibiotic ointment is Bacitracin. That's mostly because Granddad is allergic to the neomycin in Neosporin. But there's also Polysporin(neomycin-free) as well as a ton of store brands to choose from. Just be sure to avoid using it in or around the eyes!

Petroleum Jelly
Great used as a preventative barrier for diaper rash or for chapped, dry skin. I use petroleum jelly all the time on my lips to prevent chapping and cracking. I also use it on my son's lips and on his dry, chapped skin in winter. There are many store brands that are under $1 for a small tub. And brand name Vaseline only costs a little bit more. Plus you can use it around the home to lubricate sliding door tracks and other fittings. And you can also rub it on your vehicle's door seals in winter to help keep your doors from freezing shut. And let's face it, toddler's are notorious for sticking their fingers in tiny places and getting them stuck-it's great for that too!

All 3 of these ointments can be used to temporarily protect & heal minor scrapes, cuts, and burns. However, you should not apply them to serious cuts & burns. For treatment of serious injuries you should see your doctor.

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