Friday, April 17, 2015

Cool Glass Painting Project

Check out this cool glass painting project I did with my little one! I remember doing one of these in grade school for my mother. Mine was of a fruit bowl printout, but here I actually traced the photograph from my article Be Bear Aware! This would be a neat process for a family photograph too. Keep in mind that whatever you trace will be on the opposite side in the finished picture.
Here's what you need:
a glass picture frame
acrylic paints
artist brushes
permanent marker
your favorite photograph or picture
First remove the glass from the frame and place it on top of the photograph. Then trace the outline onto the glass with the permanent marker. Then it's time to paint! You need to paint the glass on the same side you traced with the marker. You may want to do it in layers, letting each one dry in between. This helps with preventing paint transfer to unwanted areas. When finished painting, let dry several hours before inserting back into the frame. When you place the glass painting back into the frame, be sure to put the painted side on the inside of the frame. This will protect it as well as allow you to see the outline of the overall finished picture.

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