Monday, June 8, 2015

Rainy Day Sensory Art

It's been a long, rainy week. And with an active outdoors-loving toddler, that's always a perfect recipe for a bad attitude and trouble. Needless to say I had to come up with a lot of easy, creative projects to keep Nugget entertained. We did a lot of art projects. He loves creating art! But instead of just giving him watercolors or acrylics, I opted for mixed media projects, so he could play with different textures, colors, and application techniques.

We did several pom-pom projects. We took some bright orange cardstock and glued a discarded game board punch-out on top. Then Nugget decided where he wanted to glue each of the colorful small, medium, or large pom-pom balls. After that he broke out the glitter and colored rice. It's a good thing for him that I'm not one of those anti-glitter Mama's, because he sprinkles it EVERYWHERE. We color our own rice at home. I put a cupful of white rice into a plastic bag and drop in liquid food coloring and mix until I get my desired color. Then I let it dry overnight.

After the rice dries, I take some of every color and combine it in an old sprinkle container. This makes it easier for my son to apply it to the glue. It's also good hand-eye coordination practice. And he has a blast making it rain rice. On the above art project, he also broke out the red inkpad and stamped his fingerprints all over the paper.

We had a great time doing these rainy day sensory art projects! And all of the art supplies we used are readily available at your local dollar store. So stock up for a rainy day and get creating!


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