Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stop Teasing My Kid!

So this morning I took my toddler to our church playgroup as I usually do. He was having lots of fun running and riding cars around the gym with the other kids until a bigger kid started teasing him with a toy car he had found.
Of course my little boy loves cars, so as soon as he saw it he began asking for it from the other kid, even trying to trade his cars for it. When I suggested the option of sharing to them, my son was open to it, but the older boy was not. So I then proceeded to explain to my son that the other kid didn't want to share his toy and that was ok because it was his and not everyone shares. I then tried to redirect my little one to another activity.
Things would have been fine after that but the other boy just kept riding up to my son and dangling the car in front of him and snatching it back, which eventually caused a meltdown. I interrupted this and suggested we go play ball instead, to which the same kid declared the ball was HIS! Apparently everything was HIS! I corrected him but it didn't make a difference, he just kept on.
Finally I gave up trying to reason with him and just scooped up my son and left. It highly frustrated me, but I was out of options. What's a momma to do? I'm new to the group and didn't want to complain. And his mom was no where to be found. I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have for dealing with this type of behavior.

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