Thursday, March 19, 2015

Teething Is Such A Pain

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I hate it when my toddler is teething. It is agonizing for both of us. He is currently cutting his top back molars and is miserable at night. So that means I'm up most of the night comforting him and popping Tylenol in his mouth. And during the daytime he gnaws on everything, including me. And it's been this way for us since the first tooth.

We have tried everything-ointments, medicines, home remedies. Nothing alleviates the pain completely. He just has to suffer through until the offending tooth makes it through the gum. All I can do is take the edge off the pain by using Tylenol chew-tabs. I tried several different brands of liquid Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen before my mom turned me on to the chew-tabs. They have definitely been a Godsend for us. But I know that no two children respond alike to the same medication. So that leaves us mommies to figure it out with trial and error.

Worse yet is when you meet another mother and ask her how she treats teething pain and she tells you her child has no problem with it. That one always sends me off to silently fume, wondering why it is that my kid has to have such a hard time. But I still have no answer. That's just the way God made him.

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